Jeffrey Simmons Studio

Jeffrey Simmons is a painter living in Seattle, Washington, USA. He is represented by Greg Kucera Gallery, Inc.

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The use of a tabletop mounted, rotating platform to make many of the watercolor works sets certain size limits for an individual painting, as the center of the platform must be within arm's reach during the execution of each set of concentric circles. Spreading the overall image across a number of separate paper panels allows for a significant increase in scale and also provides opportunities for increased complexity of pattern, particularly where the image meets the paper’s edge. The three Palindrome groupings shown here were the central works for a solo exhibit at Greg Kucera Gallery, Inc. in January, 2013.

Serpentine Miner 2014. Watercolor on paper. Eight sheets: 9 5/8 x 22 inches, 79 3/4 x 22 inches assembled.