Jeffrey Simmons Studio

Jeffrey Simmons is a painter living in Seattle, Washington, USA. He is represented by Greg Kucera Gallery, Inc.

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Conceived as a pendant to the rotary works, the production of these paintings facilitated further inquiry into the precedent of 1960’s Op art, and also provided an opportunity to explore the possibility of formal variation within a set of strictly limited procedural parameters. A straight linear pattern was screen-printed on top of a flat, often monochromatic ground. This pattern was then overpainted by hand, using a pinstriping brush, with a fine set of concentric circles or a single line spiraling outwards from the center of the printed pattern. The slightest inconsistency in the application of this last element caused the moiré effect to vary greatly from work to work.

In addition to the paintings shown here, there was a separate group of moiré pattern pieces in which two painted linear patterns were separated by a layer of transparent casting resin, sometimes deep enough to allow the pattern to change slightly as the viewer moved through the room.

Exhibited at Elizabeth Leach Gallery in Portland, Oregon; Meyerson & Nowinski Art Associates in Seattle, Washington; and Greg Kucera Gallery, Inc., Seattle, Washington.

Agilus 1998. Oil and alkyd on wood panel, 14.5 x 13.5 inches. Collection of Seattle Art Museum, Seattle, Washington.