Jeffrey Simmons Studio

Jeffrey Simmons is a painter living in Seattle, Washington, USA. He is represented by Greg Kucera Gallery, Inc.

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Developed from earlier earlier bodies of work (both acrylic and watercolor), this group of paintings were created using heavily-layered transparent pigments and an additive/subtractive approach to paint application. However, the labor-intensiveness of these works was deliberately deemphasized in deference to the numerous visual associations suggested by the luminous imagery. Computer graphics, LED displays, bioluminescent organisms, and astronomical phenomena were all considered as models during the formation of these paintings.

This work was exhibited in October, 2005 at Greg Kucera Gallery, Inc., Seattle, Washington.

Dear Friends and Gentle Hearts 2005. Acrylic paint on canvas over wood panel, 50 x 43.25 inches. Private collection.